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Customized Trainings to fit your school's needs

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Need help implementing Singapore Math® curriculum? 

Whether it is one day, two days, or a year long contract, all implementations are designed with your school or district in mind. SingaporeMathSupport works with teachers, coaches, administrators and the parents. It is a partnership!

Refresh and Re-boost 

After using Singapore Math®  for a few years, teachers might be falling into old patterns, or just might need some advanced support.  Our trainers assist educators, with all skill levels,  find a way to freshen up their classes and fall in love again with Singapore Math® .

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Looking For Singapore Math® Strategies?

No matter what curriculum you are using, the Singapore strategies can be utilized. Good teaching is good teaching! 

Math Content 101

If you don't use it...you might lose it.  There are real reasons that subtraction is harder to teach than addition. Yes, division is more difficult to master than multiplication; find out why  and more. If teachers have a true understanding of math, including the correct vocabulary to use, they have a better ability to teach for conceptual understanding. It might have been a few years since high-school graduation, and everyday math skills might have become a bit rusty, so let us  refresh your brain 

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Educate The Parents!

If you don't have your parents on board, success is more difficult. Parents want to support their children but often don't know how. Let us help them, so they can help their student.