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Develop Growth Mindset in MATHEMATICS to Increase Students' Perseverance, Engagement and Success

 (Grades K-6)

Transformational, classroom-proven strategies to engage your entire class and positively alter their confidence, experience and success with math through a Growth Mindset – whether you are teaching at school or online

Extraordinary, practical strategies to increase student interest, participation, perseverance, and academic achievement—even with students who currently struggle with or don't like math

Empower grades K-6 students to adopt a positive Growth Mindset with practical ideas you can use the very next day in your program, with any math curriculum

Receive an extensive digital Growth Mindset resource handbook filled with dozens of engaging activities, research-based strategies, examples, detailed techniques, and practical instructional resources

Catching Up Students Who Have Fallen Behind in Math (K-2)

Specifically Designed for Kindergarten through Second Grade Teachers, Elementary Math Specialists, Instructional Aides, Title I Staff, Interventionists, and Administrators

Engaging strategies to help you motivate and empower your students who have fallen behind to catch up and master key math skills

Specific techniques to increase students' confidence and competence with math, and to get the 2021-22 school year off to a strong start!

Hands-on activities that will increase and strengthen your students' foundational skills to strengthen their math performance

Receive an extensive digital resource handbook filled with resources to help you catch up grades K-2 students who have fallen behind in math

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