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In addition to Singapore Math, we provide other Professional Development 


Math Games and Activities

This session is filled with hands on high quality games that take little or no-prep.

Enhances any math program!

Games and activities motivate your students!

Easy and powerful ways to differentiate for multiple learning styles and abilities.

                                              THIS COURSE IS A MUST!​

Increasing Your Students' Mastery


Math Facts & Mental Math Skills 

Who should take this course? 

Classroom Teachers, Math Specialists, Interventionists, Resource Specialists, Special Education Staff, Title I Staff, Math Coaches, and Administrators.

The course covers:

Numerous practical strategies and lessons to develop students' mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.... We will be learning the why and the how of math facts!  This is a hands on seminar that isn't one to miss!


Develop Growth Mindset in MATHEMATICS to Increase Students' Perseverance, Engagement and Success

Extraordinary, practical strategies to increase student interest, participation, perseverance, and academic achievement—even with students who currently struggle with or don't like math.

Empower grades K-6 students to adopt a positive Growth Mindset with practical ideas you can use the very next day in your program, with any math curriculum.

Catching Up Students Who Have Fallen Behind in Math (K-2)

Who is this course for? Kindergarten through Second Grade Teachers, Elementary Math Specialists, Instructional Aides, Title I Staff, Interventionists, and Administrators

What is covered?

Engaging strategies to help motivate and empower your students who have fallen behind. 

Specific techniques to increase students' confidence and competence!

Hands-on activities that will increase and strengthen your students' foundational skills to strengthen their math performance.

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