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I will be presenting 2 sessions at the KCM conference held on Monday and Tuesday, March 11 & 12, 2019 at the Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington, Kentucky.  Please join me!

Subitize Me!

The term SUBITIZING, which is the ability to instantly recognize the number of items (or pictures) in a small group without the need to count each one individually, was termed by Piaget and is an important stage of developing strong number-sense.  During this session, teachers will have the opportunity to learn numerous activities, that can be implemented immediately in their classrooms, to help develop strong subitizing skills.  The session will be hands on and attendees will leave with a variety of tools to put in their teaching box.

Mental Math, Fact Fluency and Problem Solving Activities With Playing Cards

During this fast paced presentation, teachers will be using ordinary playing cards to learn activities that will build mental math skills, fact fluency, and problem solving.  Teachers will leave with numerous ideas as simple as 'Making 10' to activities that practice regrouping mentally.  The ideas presented in this session can be implemented with little prep-time. Students don't even realize that they are learning while playing these card games.  

Bureau of Educational Research (BER) 

Conference for FIRST and SECOND GRADE Teachers  

Chicago (Alsip) April 8th & 9th  https://www.ber.org/seminars/CourseInfo.cfm?seid=NJL9S1-CHN

St. Louis (Clayton) April 10th & 11th  https://www.ber.org/seminars/CourseInfo.cfm?seid=NJL9S1-STL