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Sometimes I'll provide links to sites that I like. Sometimes I'll provide links to interesting articles. Sometimes I'll just provide my opinion...not that it's worth much. :)

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I really like this one....

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Here is a site with tons of resources. You can print triangular flashcards too.


Like math? Thank your motivation, not your IQ

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Interesting article. What do you think?

Like Math? Thank your motivation, not your IQ


The Singapore Maths Teacher

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I recommend this site for Model Drawing assistance

Article about training at Minaret Academy

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By Elizabeth Schwartz, January 2014


Mathematics may seem like an odd means for building interfaith bridges, but mathematics teacher and consultant Sherri Adler has met people she would never have encountered without it. Adler lives in the Phoenix area and trains teachers in Singapore Math and Common Core standards. Until recently she was a partner and co-founder of SMARTTraining, LLC, which provides in-depth teac...

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Thinking Blocks

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Have you been to this site for help with Model Drawing?